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We provide colour matching for our furniture.

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We can make furniture to your required sizes.

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We use traditional pine for specials.

Welcome to S & P Furnishers

We make a range of furniture to size to suite your needs, if you want colour matching just tell us what you would like and we can do this for you too.

We do a lot of unique pieces such as Indian style furniture. If you are looking for real English pine, oak or cane furniture come into the shop and have a look at what we have got. We also have a large collection of beds.

Do you want furniture such as a bed, fireside chair or a desk? Or maybe you want a corner unit, a triple wardrobe or a bed with a choice of mattress sizes.

If you can’t come into the shop then give us a call on 01425 837 050 to see what we can do for you, or fill out the form on the contact us page to email us.

We have a customer car park at the rear and there is easy access to the local car park in Osborne Road.

Furniture for New Milton, New Forest and East Dorset.


We stock a great range of Mango furniture

Mango wood is originally derived from the Mango tree; the tree that produces the sweet, fleshy fruit known as a Mango.

Mango wood is categorised as a hardwood, due to its dense grains. This means it is a strong and durable wood making it perfect for furniture. Due to the density of the wood, it doesn’t wear out easily and can keep its high lustre texture for many years. However, unlike other hardwood furniture, Mango wood is often seen as more affordable and sustainable.

There are many benefits of using Mango wood for furniture:

  • Durability: Mango wood is a durable hardwood, meaning that it is perfect for creating bespoke furniture designs; it has a strength comparable to Ash and Oak. It doesn’t wear out quickly and ages beautifully, giving you peace of mind that your furniture will last for decades.
  • Sustainability: Mango wood is highly sustainable due to its cultivation as a fruit tree. The trees grow to maturity relatively quickly for a hardwood, reaching maturity after about 15 years. At this point they begin to produce less fruit, or stop altogether. As Mango farmers plant new trees every 7 to 15 years, before the older trees become barren, it creates a sustainable cycle of plantation and harvest, with only the less ‘fruitful’ tree being chopped down to wood.
  • Affordable: As a result of how sustainable Mango trees are, the wood is also more affordable than its hardwood counterparts. Once the tree has been felled, it requires minimal processing which also helps to keep the cost down.
  • Aesthetically beautiful: Due to the distinctive texture and patterns, as well as beautiful wood grain, Mango wood is a great option for those looking for something truly unique. Due to the variation in the wood colour, you are guaranteed a piece of furniture that can’t be replicated.